Christian Norberg

CEO & Founder, Fieldmade AS


Digital Inventory Ecosystems - how to clear your warehouse


Given the potential in Additive Manufacturing technology and Digital Inventory Ecosystems enables companies to reduce future stock levels and provide new ways of solving modification and obsolescence problematics. This in turn, reduces the overall OPEX for legacy and late-life assets as well as a reduction CAPEX linked to inventory investments. Projects are run in collaboration between Fieldmade and its customers to achieve maximum effect and tailored solutions


Christian Duun Norberg is the founder and CEO of Fieldmade AS. His vast experience is built from his various roles as an R&D manager at the Norwegian Defense Reserch Establishment (FFI) responsible for Investment Planning, innovation Strategy, designing and leading R&D projects, transferring new know-how and technology between the FFI, operational divisions and the industry. As a project manager he led the additive manufacturing for defense initiative since 2015 before starting Fieldmade.