MandanĂ¡ Moshiri

Technology Manager, Mould Factory Technology, LEGO System A/S


LEGO’s Metal Additive Manufacturing journey


LEGO System A/S started its journey in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) twelve years ago in order to explore the unparalleled design possibilities given by this technology for mould components. In time, many tests and research have been conducted to produce more performant components for injection moulding just using two Metal AM machines and human creativity. We have now reached the phase in which the benefits of this technology are established and it is time to fully unlock its digital manufacturing potentialities, to achieve global industrial automation and robust production.

To achieve this vision LEGO is exploring and innovating across the full process chain of mould components with metal Additive Manufacturing from multiple aspects that spreads from process simulation to topology optimisation, from new material possibilities to process monitoring, to a more automated tooling process chain. To help in this journey, we collaborate with companies, universities and research centres to ensure that all possibilities are evaluated and the benefits are implemented. Other aspects that are important to address when introducing new technologies to a large company such as LEGO System A/S relate to dissemination and training, in order to address knowledge gaps, and extensive change management across the whole organisation.


Mandaná Moshiri works as a Technology Manager in the Mould Factory Technology department at LEGO System A/S while enrolled as a PhD candidate at the Technical University of Denmark.

Since graduation in material engineering, she has been working on Additive Manufacturing, in particular Laser Powder Bed Fusion, in collaboration with machine manufacturing and aviation companies, before landing in the tooling industry.