Markus Glasser


Senior Vice President, Export, EOS


Digital factories of the future: driven by AM technology, a digitalized end-to-end process chain and a partner network – let’s take production to the next level


EOS, global technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the field of industrial 3D printing for metals and polymers, shares its perspective on the continued industrialization, quality assurance and material development for additive manufacturing. With our 30 years of industry and technology expertise, we see factories of the future on the rise, with AM being one of the key drivers. In order to take production to the next level, success will not be determined by just systems, materials and processes. A true AM-based serial production will require a complete end-to-end solution along the entire value chain to meet customer requirements. This cannot be insured by just one company, but rather by a complete, complementary ecosystem.


Markus Glasser joined EOS in January 1998 and since 2017, is Senior Vice President in charge for the EOS business in Europe (excluding Germany), Africa, Middle East and South America. As part of his role, Marcus has been developing the Export region for EOS since joining in 1998, as well as introducing and implementing distribution partners in various countries. Before this, as a Regional Director, Markus was responsible for the establishment of EOS subsidiaries in Europe, and expansion into new markets and industries in the region. Prior to joining EOS, Markus was Area Manager in Europe and Asia for Kettner, an equipment manufacturer in the packaging industry. Markus is a graduate engineer in the field of manufacturing engineering.

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