Mikael Schuisky, PhD


VP R&D and Operations, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing


Additive By Sandvik: Recent developments in materials and processes, such as super duplex steel and diamond composite


Metallurgists, world leading powder producers, post processing and metal cutting experts. With more than 150 years in the metal industry, few understand the secrets of additive manufacturing and the entire value chain like Sandvik does. In this presentation, some of the advances that Sandvik has made for additive applications within the fields of metal cutting, mining and oil & gas will be described. Recent developments are for example printing in super duplex stainless steels (Osprey® 2507) for applications in the oil and gas industry – and a unique and proprietary process for 3D printing in diamond composite, which can revolutionize the way industry use this super-hard material. In additive manufacturing, printing makes up just one of seven steps you need to master. The steps before and after the printing are equally important. Sandvik master a wide range of materials – and has all relevant print processes for metals in-house. At Sandvik we call our three phase process: Plan it – Print it – Perfect it. For further information: www.additive.sandvik


Dr. Mikael Schuisky, currently Vice President, R&D and Operations at Sandvik Additive Manufacturing, received his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden in 2000. During his PhD Mikael worked with thin film technologies like Atomic Layer Deposition and Chemical Vapor Deposition. He joined Sandvik in 2002 as a researcher working with large scale air to air PVD coatings of strip steel for applications such as bipolar plates for fuel cells. Since 2007 Mikael has held various R&D manager positions within the Sandvik Group, with focus on coating technologies. In 2014, Mikael took on the responsibility to build up the Additive Manufacturing Research Center at Sandvik, which later evolved to be a business division in Sandvik – now also including metal powder for Additive Manufacturing.

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